A Little Different Start to the New School Year

This past week has been busy around our homes. From measuring sizes for uniforms, covering school books with plastic and digging out our backpacks and filling them with school supplies, we’ve been getting ready for a new school year. Two team members from GlobalX in Atlanta even made a one day trip down just to drop off school supplies they had collected for the children – and what a blessing those were to us.

After experiencing a very disrupted school year last year due to schools going to all online learning due to COVID and all of the implications that brought, we learned a lot. We stumbled, we kept going and we survived. We learned things that worked, and we learned things that did not work. Based on what we had learned and knowing that children need consistency to best be able to heal from trauma, we decided well before this school year began that things would be different this year.


We have five teachers who will teach our children on-site. We’ll receive the themes needed to be taught from our supervising school, and we will be able provide direct instruction. We are excited that critical thinking and creative expression will be encouraged. We are excited that the children will be taught in ways that meet their individual learning styles. We are excited that we will have consistency in our learning. Regardless of what the world has in store for us this year, we are more than excited for what this new year of learning holds for the children.

Join us in praying for our new school adventure and year. May each child reach their full potential as designed by their Maker, our Heavenly Father.