What Was Your Favorite Elective in School?

Do you remember choosing electives and extracurricular activities in school? It always seemed to be exciting to think about taking a class that didn’t seem so “academic,” didn’t it? These classes allowed us to pursue our interests? There was soemthing refreshing about having a choice. 

As we were putting together a curriculum for the children this year, the required classes were set. However, it was fun thinking about what other extracurricular classes could be incorporated into the plan. Our houseparents all have areas of interest, talents and skills that each excel in and get excited about, so we decided that we would use our own resources and have our houseparents teach some elective classes and fulfill the physical education requirements until we can take the children out for other opportunities. When we discussed this idea with our houseparents, they were “all in”!

Our children are having the opportunity to experience classes taught by our house-moms in art, drama, music and cooking on Thursday afternoons.  They are continuing their horseback riding lessons each week, and two of our house-dads are leading a physical education class. Another one of our house-dads is teaching a Christian values class.

Join us in praying for the children and our staff this year as they learn and grow – physically, emotionally, academically and spiritually – and know they were made unique and His.

We are extremely grateful for everyone who have prayer with us and given financially to make this new year of learning possible!