A Special Friend and Coach

Walking with children and families from hard places can be rewarding – but also challenging. There are days when everything seems to get flipped upside down, as if our brains can’t even process the reality of consequences that linger from past abuse, abandonment and neglect, often from generation to generation to generation. We can walk two steps forward and three back. But the miracle is that any gain is nothing we do, it is truly the hand of God that heals and changes hearts.

We are so very thankful that in this journey God placed us on, He has never left us alone. He has even placed many people in our path who have experience they are willing to share. One of those special people to us has been Tiffany. Several years back, Tiffany approached us about working with us as she finished up her master’s program in Marriage and Family Counseling. We were excited to have her on our team then, and now even years later, we gleam from her experience in working extensively in the areas of grief and trauma. She continues to return to El Salvador a few times during the year and graciously gives us time during each of her visits to train our counselors. In turn, our counselors pass this on to those they impact on a day-to-day basis. It’s like the ripple effect when you throw a pebble into a body of water and watch the ripple of waves grow outward. We are indeed grateful for her willingness to invest in the work here in La Casa.

Thank you Tiffany for not keeping all of your experience to yourself. We have benefited greatly, and we appreciate you.