Players on Our Team

People who support us in our day to day lives are important. We have been sharing about the roles of our staff and how they fit into the ministry work. There are two important people on our office area that play significant roles in making life functional in La Casa that we’d like to share about this week: our Assistant Administrator and our Communication Director.

When you look at her desk, there is always a pile of receipts that are being processed, checks written that need to be signed, keys, a cash box, a printer, a large calculator, pens and our La Casa phone. She manages all of the ins-and-outs of making sure that weekly deposits are placed in each house’s account, payroll is ready on pay day and bills are paid on time. She keeps a tally on necessities within the home and schedules our maintenance person to meet these needs. She keeps track of vacation times, absences and special leave time. Yes, she wears many hats, but always with a smile. If you have ever visited, you know her well because she’ll handle all of the receipts you need to take to your sending organization. Her name is Sofie.

We love it when people follow along reading our blogs, social media posts, mailed newsletters and even look through our website. All of these mediums help us tell La Casa’s story. But do you know the person behind all of the beautiful pictures, videos and other communications? She’s a key player on our team, and her name is Catherina  (Katy).

Her calendar is always full. Whether taking pictures to document activities in the homes, trainings and school projects to putting together a newsletter or communication that is soon due to be sent out, Katy is always on the go. She’s organized, friendly and efficient. If you have ever visited, you know her well. She will take a million pictures of your experience and even set up a Drop Box for your group to be able to enjoy the memories she has captured.

Although Katy loves what she does, she is probably most known around our ministry for her listening spirit and kind heart. People know they can talk to her, receive wise counsel from her and that she’ll be a faithful friend … both adults and some of the children can tell you from first hand experience.

We are grateful for both Sofie and Katy and their dedication and heart for La Casa.