Excitement has been in our homes. School ended for the year and vacation mode has been in full swing. But that has not been the excitement builder as much as an anticipated Christmas Party.

One of the ways God has shown His faithfulness to us over the years is the way He weaves others into the ministry. The International School of San Salvador has been bringing excitement into La Casa for at least eighteen years now. Wow! Over the years, the children have been invited to be a part of their annual Angel Tree Christmas celebration held the second weekend in December.

Each year, the children have been personally asked what their wish for Christmas was. Unless a child has had this experience in the past, it can be quite the task. Children from difficult pasts usually have never had a choice in anything. Making choices and decisions is hard. But once they have made a decision, they are super excited waiting for the day.

The big day of the party means games, rides, face painting, pińatas, lots of sugar sweets, pizza and the moment they all anticipate for weeks, a gift or two or three all wrapped in beautiful paper with THEIR name on it. These things may seem normal to us, but for a child who has experienced many things in their past that were not pleasant nor did they have any control over, this is a day that fills their hearts with joy and a huge reminder that they are cared for deeply. All of the special touches really do mean the world to the children we serve.

As you take a look at the picture below, be filled with joy as well as you look at happy faces that felt extra special this past Saturday as they once again participated in the CISS Angel Tree Christmas Party.

Thank you to all who coordinated this day, bought gifts and loved on the children!