A Mother’s Heart

We often talk about the children we serve, but we also serve any biological family members who want to walk towards restoration. Along with visiting families in their home, our “Family Program” includes family members visiting the children here on the farm the first Saturday of each month. They spend time with the children, participate in group counseling times, play together, learn in our parenting classes and share a lunch together. The children look forward to this day.

This past Saturday, the mother of one of the girls, asked to be able to celebrate her daughter’s fifteenth birthday with everyone. Fifteenth birthdays are very special in Latin culture. It marks the transition from childhood into adulthood.

This mother saved to be able to purchase a cake to share with everyone at the visitation time. She bought decorations and crafted handmade favors – all in her daughter’s favorite color.   

In a letter of gratitude, she wrote to La Casa, she said, “As a mother, I have had to overcome many obstacles in my life and you could say that I have not been able to fulfill my role as a mother. It has been very difficult to watch my children grow up away from me and not be able to give the love I should. Life is a battle were many battles often appear, and I have had to fight against these obstacles that have kept me from seeing my children. I pray that God would continue to give me the opportunity to see them grow, their triumphs and their struggles.”

We want to say that we see your mother heart. We see the love. We see the battles you fight. But you are a testimony to us all . . . not only all of us in La Casa, but to all of the families we work with.

Our ultimate goal is that as we walk alongside and support families, there will be change and restoration. This mother shared, “I hope that we can continue growing in La Casa. It has not only changed the lives of my children, but it has also changed mine. La Casa has changed the life of a complete family.” We don’t always see fruit, but what a joy to be a part of this family’s journey.