A Refurbished Greenhouse

At La Casa, we were blessed with seven weeks of teams this summer. It made for a very busy season, but we are grateful for those who came, served, and learned about El Salvador and our ministry.

We kicked off June with a youth team from Faithbridge Church out of Houston, Texas. They helped us put a new roof structure on our greenhouse, paint it and plant additional cacao plants. Our greenhouse is used to start seedlings and grow vegetables that sometimes take a little extra care. It was in need of some repair work, and this team did just that. Our greenhouse looks great!

But not only did they work in the hot sun each day to better the greenhouse, they also poured into connecting with the children who live in La Casa and in the community around our property. They hosted soccer matches, volleyball games and a board game night for our kids. And then in week two they rolled out a mini Vacation Bible School for the children in the community. There was lots of fun, smiles and learning about Jesus.

We are thankful for the continued partnership with Faithbridge Church and the way they always come with hearts wide open to serve and love. Enjoy some pictures from their time with us!