A New Year of Learning Has Begun!

January rings in a new year as well as a new school year for children in El Salvador. And we are excited to be beginning our fourth year of on-site schooling for the children we serve. We began this endeavor trusting that God would provide. And He has! Through your financial support, we’ve been able to continue to hire teachers and provide small group learning for the children. And we have seen the fruits of such a leap in faith.


Trauma changes the brain and learning can be difficult for those who have experienced trauma, so learning in small groups and more individualized instruction has proven to be beneficial for the children. Their confidence has grown as well as their ability to ask questions and take on responsibility for their own learning. And for that we are grateful. Last year, five students were able to study for and take an exam to move up a grade, placing them either in the appropriate grade for their age or move them closer to that goal. And you know what? All passed the grade they were bumped up into! Education impacts not only today’s generation, but for generations to come!


We are thankful for a small team from GlobalX in Atlanta for collecting school supplies and brining them down to help us begin the new school year. They even helped us cover our books to help weather the tropical heat, humidity and rains. Their hearts to serve with us truly helps us do what we are called to do.


You hear it over and over that it takes a village to raise a child, and indeed we are grateful for the village God continues to grow to help us make a difference in lives of children from difficult pasts in El Salvador. Let a new year of growing and learning begin!