Hard Work and Heartfelt Connections

As our team season continues, we partnered with a youth team from Faithbridge Church out of Houston, TX for two weeks. We cherish the relationship we have built with this church over the years and the way they come with hearts wide open to pour into whatever person, task or situation they are presented with.  We also enjoy old friendships returning along with makingnew ones.

Their hard work was poured into digging trenches for the foundation of what we hope will become a chocolate factory one day along with helping to carry and stack wood from trees that were being trimmed through the coffee and cacao areas. No easy task in the humid, summer air.

But more than their willingness to work hard, they came with the heart to pour into those around them. They were very intentional about creating relationships with the children as they shared times with them. They had the heart to serve and encourage others to continue the good work they were doing.

During the afternoons of week 2, the hosted children from the community around us for some good old Vacation Bible School time. Lots of laughs, crafts, games and snacks were shared with the children.

Until next time, Faithbridge! We appreciate your partnership.