Celebrating Education!

School’s out! In El Salvador, the school year ends at the beginning of November. Our children took their last exams, grades were all turned in, and we celebrated last week. Our children participated in an end-of-the-year closing program, with two of our youngest “graduating,” ready to move on to first grade next year. Graduating from Preparatory is a big deal in El Salvador. Unfortunately, many children never attend another graduation, with a large percentage dropping out during their latter elementary years of schooling. But, we have the desire for children to be able to obtain their high school diploma and be able to attend higher education if they desire to do so. We are excited that Daniel and Maria will have that opportunity.

We are, as well, proud of each of the children who excelled in so many ways this past year in their education as we embraced an on-site learning model. We are very excited to be able to continue this model into the next school year.

In addition, we have one of young adults who will be graduating in a couple of weeks from university. Daniela will be graduating in Psychology and has already began using her skills in our Transition Home program. We are so proud of her for sticking through four years of schooling, along with a thesis year in the midst of a pandemic.

Thank you to each of you have supported our on-site schooling project and given sacrificially this year!

As you take a peak into our celebrations through the slide show below, join us in prayer for each of the children and their future endeavors. May they continue to grow in wisdom, knowledge, stature and love for God.