Celebrating with Neighbors

When we were blessed to be able to purchase La Finca El Milagro property in 2005, we knew that getting to know our neighbors and learning to be good neighbors would be a priority in living in the community. The very first event held on the property was December of that year, hosting a Christmas Party for about 100 of our closest neighbors. Small gifts, games, piñatas and sharing a small snack together begin to bring us together, getting to know one another. We are now eighteen years into celebrating together. God has blessed us to be able to include more neighbors by bringing others to partner with us. This year, we hosted over 600 people, young and old alike, as we celebrated this season of Christ’ birth.

Our staff, the children, local volunteers and a team that came together from Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia all worked together to host the party. From cranking old fashioned fair rides, playing fair games, crafts, sharing snacks and just enjoying the company of everyone present, we all had a grand time. Our children shared the gospel message by presenting a skit they had been rehearsing. And finally, families left with a food basket donated by local volunteers and gifts that were carefully wrapped for each child.

It took a village to host such a large party, but isn’t that the way God works? He brings us together to be light in this dark world, just as He brought light into the world through the birth of His Son, Jesus. May each of you have a Merry Christmas, too.