Culinary Arts Graduate

Graciela came to live in La Casa when she was just a small toddler. Her smile, beautiful big brown eyes and genuine warmth always drew others to her. She was very creative and always found a way to make something out of ordinary things around the home. She even made clothes and shoes out of paper in her preteen years.

When Graciela turned 18, she decided she wanted to take advantage of opportunities offered in our Bridge program aimed at bridging the gap between protective care and independence. After completion of high school, she decided that she would like to pursue culinary studies. For the past two years, she has been enrolled in a culinary arts program. In January, she was given the task of preparing a local dish for 250 people as part of her final evaluation. She prepared a typical chicken soup and was given good reviews, thus completing her program of studies. Last week, Graciela applied to be an assistant in the kitchen at a local restaurant that was opening. She was offered a two-day training and evaluation trial period . . . and she got the job! She is now working in her field of study.

Join us celebrating Graciela’s hard work and focus. As well, pray for Graciela as she begins her first job. We are proud of you, Graciela!