Faithful and Committed Medical Team

Faithfulness and commitment. Over the years, God has woven a tapestry of support around the ministry of La Casa de mi Padre. And many of those who partnered alongside us since almost the conception of La Casa still faithfully serve and support us. One of those is our board Chairman, Dr. Aubrey Knight, who has gathered a medical team together at least once a year to come and serve the community around our property.

This past week, we once again partnered with a team of doctors and other medical professionals and team members to host a clinic for our neighbors. They had access to medical, dental and optical care along with a pharmacy. Both international and local doctors and dentists participated.

Before they began the clinic times, they visited with our neighbors in the community and even made a couple of “house calls” to get to know needs.

Over 200 of our neighbors took advantage of the different services offered. But more importantly that the medical care they received, they were shown God’s unconditional love. They were heard as they shared their stories and expressed their needs. This is often the biggest need in a very rural community . . . to feel seen and heard.

We enjoyed time to sit with our neighbors, see their smiles and be able to meet just a few of the needs present in the community.

Before they left, the team helped us seal the beams in our pavillion area and spent time with the children within La Casa. Servant hearts.

Take a peak at the week we shared learning and serving together to say “Thank-you” to all those who came with open hearts.