Getting to Love Others

“To love God and to love others.” Jesus summarized the commandments with these words. Sounds pretty simple. But when loving others is not so easy, it often takes reflection on how God loved us despite our messes. And by loving God with our whole heart, His love flows out of us onto others. It just can’t be any other way.

We were reminded of this fundamental truth again this past week as we hosted a medical team. Out of the deep love we share for our Heavenly Father, loving others was actually pretty easy this past week … even with the cultural differences we shared.

A group of medical professionals from the states and locally joined together to serve our neighbors. They began their week by making a few house calls to neighbors who wouldn’t be able to make it to our property the day of the clinics. This gave everyone a real perspective into the daily lives of the people they would be serving.

Then, the group used our office space to set up a clinic area where our neighbors could be seen by medical doctors, dentists and for vision checks and medicines. Everyone was so patient as they waited to see those who they had come to see. We got to visit with our neighbors, and they got to visit with one another. This year, there were three referrals to hospitals for additional follow-up. These cases needed further attention pretty immediately.

We are grateful for the way God brings people to together so that we can love our neighbors well. Thank you My Father’s House Internationally for leading and serving alongside us! Enjoy some of the pictures taken those days …