Grateful Hearts

Some days gratefulness comes easy. The weather is just perfect, there are no deadlines looming over us, there are no complaints being shouted that are discouraging the heart, no temper tantrums, money enough to cover the bills, and even a yummy dinner planned. Life just seems to be sailing along. We can look up at the blue cloudless skies, feel the warmth on our faces as we feel happy and carefree. Gratitude just seems to flow from our hearts.

On other days, the story isn’t quite so cheery.

A child has a meltdown or possibly two or three or more. Doors get slammed; words get shouted. Tears flow from aches deep within. A child is sick. The courts just issued an order that is hard to swallow. A family is in crisis. A transfer of funds is sitting there waiting for the bank to release the money. We are tired. We are praying for healing.

We focus on the hard and gratitude doesn’t seem to well up inside so easily. Our attitudes are not one of thankfulness.

But even when the gratitude comes hard, we must dig deep to find the good in our day. It’s there.
Grateful for the privilege to serve the Lord. Grateful to be His hands and feet.
Grateful for grace and the promise that God will never leave us, never give up on us.
Grateful to know He is still working, even when we do not see it or feel it.
Grateful that He is God, and we need to rest in Him.
Grateful for the way has carried us through the year.
Grateful for every person on staff who serves faithfully.
Grateful for every prayer lifted.
Grateful for every person who has sacrificially given to the ministry.

And for so many other things,
We give thanks.

Because He is good . . . all the time.