Hope for Brighter Tomorrows

One of the most challenging, yet rewarding, aspects of La Casa de mi Padre ministry is working with the biological families of the children we serve. In the past few years, we have been called to serve 17 new children which brings numerous opportunities to reach out to biological family members and begin to journey with them. We love getting to sit down and together work towards goals that would bring about a healthy reconnection. Many times, it is helping the family members learn skills or further their education in some way to be able to sustain the family economically.

Recently, we were able to help one of our mothers expand her small business of selling fruits and vegetables so that she is able to pay for her tuition to enroll in University. She has a dream. She wants to be a Social Worker.

She sold bread and chocolate to bus drivers from 4:00 AM until 6:00 AM and sold fruits and vegetables in the afternoons for living.

In July, she lost her father to COVID and once again found herself looking for resources to move forward.

We were able to help her construct a stand from which she could continue to sell fruits and vegetables. She saved and was able to enroll in University. She has been using her cell phone to participate in her online classes and to take pictures of her work to submit for grading. We wanted to help her obtain a small computer on which to complete and submit her homework. Last week, we were to deliver the small laptop. “You have no idea how much easier it is do my work on a computer,” she tells our Social Worker. “It’s so much easier than on a phone, and I have hope of moving forward in life.”

Thank you to everyone who gives to help families move forward with hope.