Importance of Father Figures 

June is the month when we celebrate fathers worldwide. The father figure is of significant importance in a child’s life.

Our model for caring for children is unique. We value both the role of the father and the mother, thus a set of houseparents run and manage each of the three homes within La Casa.

Research shows that the absence of a father figure in a child’s life effects the wellbeing of a child. Children who do not have a father present in their life often have lower emotional security, poorer academic performance, higher rates of behavior problems, drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, living in poverty, homelessness and even mortality.

Less than 2% of the children we serve have a father figure in their life at all. Look at the risks that brings.

On the other side, having an actively engaged father figure in your life counters all of the negative consequences and leads to a higher percentage of success in life. They are physically healthier, have a higher success rates in school and go on to successful careers, have fewer behavior problems and are emotionally more stable.

We celebrate all of father figures in the lives of the children we serve. We desire that modeling a healthy father relationship, our children experience these benefits, but much more than that, we desire that the children will come to know that their Heavenly Father sees them, loves them and cares for them.

Happy Father’s Day!