Involved Fathers

On June 17, we celebrate Father’s Day here in El Salvador. In La Casa, the father figure is a big deal. Approximately 80% of children in El Salvador live without a father present in the home. That percentage is even higher for the population we serve. Therefore, the majority of children who come to us for a season in their lives have either never had a father figure present in their life or have lost a father for traumatic reasons.

Research has shown over and over that a father who is involved in his children’s growth and development is directly linked to a child’s well-being. Cognitive development, educational achievement, emotional development and social development are significantly improved by the active, positive influence of a father in a child’s life. Children who grow up with involved fathers are more likely to do better in school, have better behavior, are more emotionally secure and more likely to succeed in adult life.

La Casa’s model is providing care for children in crisis in family settings. Both the mother and father play crucial roles in a child’s life and development. We are grateful for the fathers who have had said “Yes” to being an important role in the care of children from very difficult places.


The children in each home are watching, and what fathers do matters. The task is often hard and daunting, so join us in giving a huge shout out to the father’s who serve in our homes.