La Casa Vision

La Casa de mi Padre has been working intentionally to bring hope to the most vulnerable children and families in El Salvador since 2002. Why? We believe that by intentionally reaching out, walking alongside those in need and working together, futures can be very different for generations to come. Our vision? “Healing hearts, restoring families, bringing hope for a better future to children and families in crisis in El Salvador, creating agents of change, all for the glory of God.”

Each January, we take some time and pull away as staff to realign ourselves to our vision. It’s easy for the demands of the day to pull us in different directions. Decisions can be made in the moment that seem right for that particular crisis, but slowly get us off track. We realign – reset for the year ahead. Join us a moment to look at our vision and what each part signifies.

Healing Hearts: Every child deserves a nurturing environment to thrive. At La Casa, we believe that Jesus is the healer, and we are His instruments. We work to create a safe and loving family environment along with Christ-centered counseling aimed at mending past wounds, nurturing a sense of self-worth and empowering the children under our care to overcome adversity for a brighter future.

Restoring Families: Family is the base of a stable society, and we understand the profound impact of a nurturing family environment on a child’s development. The children live in family settings where they see family life modeled out daily. However, our vision goes beyond individual healing. We are committed to working with the biological families of the children under our care to help restore their relationships fractured by crisis and generational cycles of failure. Our team addresses the root causes of family breakdown. Our ultimate goal is to reunite children with their biological families whenever possible.

Bringing Hope for a Better Future: Hope is a transformative force that can change lives. In El Salvador, our vision is to be agents for positive change. We dream of a future where every child under our care can aspire, dream, and reach their full potential. Through a healthy family environment, our educational program, vocational training and counseling, we work to break the cycle of abuse, abandonment and neglect, creating a pathway toward a brighter future. By investing in the potential of each child and family, we believe we can contribute to positive change in El Salvador and its communities.

Creating Agents of Change for Generations to Come: Our vision extends beyond the immediate impact, and our work is deeply rooted in faith. We aim to create agents of change for generations to come. Our desire is for each healed heart to reach out to others and invest in their lives who then in turn to do the same for someone else. When cycles of survival can be broken and hope seen on the horizon, lives change.

We have seen generational patterns can be broken in the lives of the children we serve. We know that together, we can be the instruments of healing, restoration, and hope for a brighter future, where every child under our care has the opportunity to thrive. Thank you for standing with us on this journey. Together, we are confident that God has great things prepared for us in 2024!