Learning Together

Education is an important part of our lives. It is really a never-ending journey, and our biggest goal for the children we serve is that they leave us with knowledge, skills and values that propel them into the next step of learning in their lives.

This past week, we were blessed to have a team of teachers and students as well as an instructional specialist from Valley Christian School in San Jose, CA partner with us, focusing on the area of education.

Our teachers had two days of in-service time learning and thinking about facilitating learning in children. They witnessed best practices of instructional techniques, lesson design and evaluation methods. It was a great time of conversation, questions and thinking out-of-the-box as we attempt to engage students in their learning process. They also helped us think through the design for using a small room as a Science Lab area.

While teachers had time to learn, our students had times of learning with the students and other teachers on the team. They explored drawing techniques, paper airplane designs, body movement and games to help us practice our English skills. One of their students worked with a few of our students to lead a time of worship as a closing exercise. There weren’t too many dry eyes during that beautiful time of worshipping our Heavenly Father together in multiple languages all intertwined.

We are all refreshed and eager to apply what we have learned into our daily work.

Thank-you Valley Christian for all the preparation you put into your time with us, the friendships we made and the ways you showed God’s love and care for each of us!