Leaving Room for Family

La Casa de mi Padre’s vision is to heal hearts, restore families and bring hope of a better future to children in crisis in El Salvador; creating agents of change for generations to come, all for the glory of God. There is a word in that vision that has been hard. It has taken intentionality. It has taken keeping a check on our own hearts. That word is family.

Yes, our model is caring for the children we serve in family settings. We have found that a loving family setting brings stability and a sense of security in the lives of children who come from very hard places. It has been the foundation for work on the hearts that have been torn and even damaged.

However, those same hearts yearn for connection with biological family. They want to know about their families, talk to and see them. They yearn for restoration in their family. Taking a look at the wounds the child carries requires looking deep within the family structure.

And our social workers who oversee our Family Program are key in connecting with family. They intentionally begin with any information we may be given and dig deep to search for family members. They assess needs and root causes of separation and work with the family to create a plan that would guide everyone along the hard road of restoration. They help the family find the resources they need.

They walk alongside the family and cheer them on. They help build a bridge that leads to reconnection with the child. And our heart is for reunification whenever possible.

It is messy work, but work we have found to be essential. Is there always success? No. But there is beauty in believing in the possible. There is beauty when children can connect with biological family members, be it a mother, father, grandmother, older brother or sister, aunt or uncle. There is beauty when families are willing to do the hard work it requires to address issues that have caused separation.

Join us praying for our Social Workers and the biological families of the children we serve. May this work be the beginning of family restoration.