Let Your Light Shine

Does anyone remember singing “This Little Light of Mine” as a child? One of the lines say, “I’m gonna let it shine!” It’s a song with a catchy tune, so little ones sing it with boldness. Another line says, “I ain’t gonna let Satan puff it out, I’m gonna let it shine.” But then life . . . and somehow that light tends to dim. That enthusiasm fades. But have you ever known someone who let it shine brightly for the duration of time? We do.

Donilia, a lady who lives behind our property, has let her light shine in her family, in her community and even to the many “foreigners” who stop by her home for a visit. When her husband was living, they would sit our teams down in their home – on stumps and any plastic chair that might be around and share with them. They would talk about “never having a fight” in all their years of marriage. They would talk about sitting down across the table from each other and talking though things until they came to an agreement. They talked about unity. They shared with others what life had taught them. They always had a smile. They always welcomed us into their humble home. Most of the time, people left with tears of gratitude and a humble heart of the joy that was evident in this couple’s life.

This past year has been hard. Donilia lives surrounded by her children and grandchildren, but as we delivered food to widows and some of the most needy in the community, we always stopped by to check on Donilia. Two weeks ago, we found Donilia in bed, not feeling well at all. We arranged for her to go to a clinic to be checked and provided transportation. It seems like Donilia is experiencing congestive heart failure. She did not want to go to a hospital where she’d be all alone, so she chose to go back home and be surrounded by family.

Her smile is still there. It has shone all of her life . . . in this world. She’s chosen to be a light, and encouraged each of us to do so as well.

Would you join us for praying for Donilia and her family? May God’s healing hand lay upon her if that is what He so chooses. If not, may these days of life left to be filled with His light shining. May we all be reminded to let the love of Jesus, His light in this dark world shine bright, every day.