Life Planning and Learning

As our children grow, so does our school. We currently have 24 children in grades kindergarten through their last year in high school. Our students who are 14 and older participate in life planning courses. The first year includes many activities which are aimed at getting the teenagers to begin to think about their future including some vocational interest testing. This is often a new step in the healing process as they dream and begin to realize that their dreams could become a reality.

They continue to explore career tracks and visit some technical schools and universities in their second year of this course. But, they also participate hands-on learning of everyday life skills. So far, they have learned how to change a light bulb, unclog a toilet, use basic tools, do some basic carpentry work, learn the location of the electrical circuit box in the homes and how to turn those off and to even clean gutters. They will continue to learn some basic electricity skills, garden skills, sewing skills, care for a car and many other practical skills that will serve them now and later in life.

Take a peek into the fun that the teenagers are having!