Offering HOPE

Today is Giving Tuesday, a day where we are encouraged to join together and make a difference around this world. It is a day to show radical generosity!

La Casa de mi Padre serves children and families who are in hard places. These statistics characterize those we serve:

Half of all Salvadoran children live on less than $1.25 a day.
Only 5 out of every 100 adolescents attend high school in the rural areas of the country.
Only 1 out of every 625 go on to university studies.
Upwards of 78% of children live without a father figure present in their lives.
71% of those without a father figure became school drop-outs.
85% of those in prison come from homes without a father figure.
85% of children without a father figure experience behavioral problems.
90% of homeless individuals and youth runaways comes from families without a father present in their lives.
ALL of the children we serve comes from broken homes and have suffered abuse, neglect and/or abandonment.

All of these statistics seem to touch those we serve. BUT, we choose to move towards these hard places and brokenness with the love of Jesus, offering protective care in a family setting where children can heal, grow and dream of a very different future while reaching out to their families to restore relationships. Our on-site education program, counseling program and family program all play a part in the healing process.

We invite you today to consider to give open-handedly as we kick off our end-of-the year giving campaign that will allow us to move into 2024 offering HOPE. Together we CAN change the trajectory course of the children. We can walk alongside each family together.

Visit our new and refreshed website to MAKE A DIFFERENCE today.

With gracious hearts,
The La Casa Team