Ready, Set, Begin

We are excited to be starting a new school year! There is always good that comes out of the hard. During the pandemic, we struggled to maintain educating the children using distance learning. But God used this hard time to push us to pursue other possibilities, to dream big. And He provided! We were able to begin an on-site education program last year – and it was the best decision we could have made. It took the hard to push us into action. And it took YOU to make it happen financially.

Beginning a new school year for nineteen children isn’t easy. It takes a lot of people to organize all the purchases that need to be made, from supplies to books to uniforms. And we were blessed this year with a GlobalX team out of Atlanta who packed suitcases of supplies and brought them down, helped us cover books in plastic to protect them from the elements and play with our children for the last week of “summer” vacation before another school year began. Work was accomplished and the children had a blast! We culminated the week with a field day, lots of crafts and a cookout. We’d certainly say the children were able to celebrate the end of their summer vacation time and the beginning of a new year of learning!

Education is one important way of breaking destructive cycles that continue from generation to generation. When a child receives an education, they have the opportunity of passing that down to future generations. It is an investment into a life.

Please be in prayer for this new year of learning. With difficult pasts, one of the areas often affected is learning. So understanding from the teachers and tenacity for the children, we could use your prayers. We are hoping for another great year of learning and growth and are grateful for your support that allows us to be able to educate the children on-site again for this school year.