Riding Team

This past week we kicked off our summer team season with a group from GlobalX out of Atlanta, GA. They partnered with our Therapeutic Riding Program.  

Our riding program teaches the children responsibility, confidence, motor skills and offers an emotional outlet for the children. Learning to trust after traumatic events in their lives is not easy, and many of the children form special bonds with the horses before ever trusting an adult again.  Riding is also a great all-body exercise which helps reduce stress. The children ride at least once every week.

The days were hot last week. It would be well into the mid and upper 80s by 10 AM – and it was humid which only made the “real feel” temperatures even higher. Yet, this team poured their energy and hearts into helping take out the sand from the stall, putting down rubber mats and then refilling the stalls with wood shavings. Not a take-it-easy task at all. The horse sure appreciates their efforts as well those who work in the barn.

While the work that the team helped us complete was beneficial and helped us move forward faster, the relationships they formed with staff and children is what will last forever. They helped assist with riding lessons during the week, had lunch and playtime with the children each day and hosted a horse rally where the children played different games, many on the horses.

Teams also learn about Salvadoran culture and visited with our neighbors. Social issues in any culture are complex, with no magic wand that fixes everything.

We are grateful for this team’s hearts and sacrifice to serve alongside us!