Servant Hearts

As our team season continued, we welcomed and partnered alongside Sunnybrook Community Church out of Sioux City, Iowa. They came with hearts to learn and work alongside us.

Because our children are only in their fifth month of school, they don’t have much free time. They are in classes for the majority of the day. Thus, we partner alongside groups who visit to work on a project together while the children are in school while creating spaces for teams to have some time sharing with the children.

This year, we set our eyes on beginning to build a shell for a building that will eventually provide the ability for us to set up a chocolate making facility so that we can actually carry the process all the way from seed to the chocolate bar.

Coming in to begin a project of that magnitude isn’t always easy. Beginning a project can often imply the grunt work.  But this team didn’t have one complaint. They helped to clear off the area of debris, moving dirt, old bricks and many rocks. It was hard work that didn’t necessarily allow for them see any site of a finished project. We are thankful for their willingness to be the ones who began the project!

Their hearts were also for the community and for the children we serve. They were intentional with their interactions with those in our community and with the children. They shared intentional time with them, and they prayed for them.

Thank you to everyone on the team and for those who helped send them to serve alongside us!  We hope to see you again soon! Take a moment to look at some pictures of the time they spent with us and give thanks for their servant hearts.