Spring Break Visitors

Our children just finished their spring break time. They enjoyed time with the others in their home, visiting places around the country, getting exercise, and of course sleeping in. (Well, at least the teenagers did!)

But, they also enjoyed some special visitors. A group of high schoolers and some staff from Valley Christian School out of San Jose, CA partnered alongside La Casa de mi Padre to learn about Salvadoran the beauty and the struggles of El Salvador as well as interact with the children and our neighbors. There was plenty of connecting, playing hard and getting to know one another.

As the children headed back to school this past week, the team turned their focus on getting to know some of our neighbors and helping to plant a citrus grove on our property. Many of the citrus trees on the property have seen their best days, so the idea of new citrus grove was very enticing. The team helped to clear a piece of land and plant around 100 orange, mandarin, tangerine, lemon and other tropical varieties of trees. We are indeed grateful for their hard work and hearts of service! We will be having a lot of Vitamin C!


We are excited to see how God continues to grow this relationship. Thank you, Valley Christian, for your time spent with us in El Salvador!