Team Building

Building a strong team is important to any workplace. An article on TeamBonding website defines team building as “the process of creating a team that cohesively works together towards a common goal.” However, working on a “team” mentality takes intentionality. Over the past few years, we have had many changes in our staff. The once solid “team” has had a few substitutions, and we have felt the need to sure up our La Casa Team. So, we began the year with a Team Building Day. The first day the children went back to classes, our staff went to work.

The day was filled with many activities that encouraged our staff to communicate, collaborate and plan together. It required seeing the best in each other and encouraging each other. It was a grueling morning of exercises aimed at building these skills and putting them into practice. Some exercises seemed to go fairly smoothly, while others seemed to require a bit more effort, patience with each other and time to complete. It was a lot of work!

So what did we learn? Most importantly we learned that we often work on our individual groups and forget to reach out and help the other groups so that we can move forward . . . as a whole. We’ll continue to focus on building team cohesiveness throughout the year.

Enjoy taking a look at some pictures of our staff Team Building Day!