We Celebrate 19 Years This Week

This week La Casa de mi Padre is celebrating 19 years of ministry in El Salvador! If there is one thing that we have learned over and over, it is the absolute fact that God is faithful. Oh have there been moments and seasons when we have doubted? Times when we’ve seen pennies in the bank account with food and medicines to buy and bills to pay? Times when the daily tasks of caring for children who bear the burdens of past abuse, abandonment and neglect have challenged us beyond what we knew how to handle? Times when we were so tired that we didn’t think it was possible to continue? Most certainly, yes. But, in each circumstance, God met us right where we were and provided, carried us through and restored our weary hearts. He has touched hearts to pray fervently, give financially, come alongside and help. These moments have allowed us to witness firsthand God’s abundant love, mercy and grace. He has given us testimonies that build a foundation that is unshakable if we would only remember and believe.

OUR GOD IS FAITHFUL . . . ALWAYS. That is what we celebrate today, May 18. Join us in lifting the ministry . . . the children, their families, our staff, our neighbors . . . in prayer this week. Thank God for His provision, care and watchful eye. Thank God for healing that has taken place in so many lives. Thank God for seeds planted of hope. Thank God for restored relationships. Thank God for the opportunity to still serve Him. And thank Him for allowing you to be a part of His work in the lives of children and families from hard places. To Him to be the glory!