What Do We Do In This Brokenness?

There just seems to be too much brokenness in this world. Our hearts are heavy for those hurting, suffering persecution and heartache.

We have been in prayer for those in Haiti who in the midst of political unrest have experienced another devastating earthquake. Relief effort from the last earthquake continues and yet another earthquake shakes the foundations of the earth bringing more death and despair. More poverty.

We have been in prayer for the people on Afghanistan who have experienced a dramatic change in political power, security and lifestyle. The world stands in shock. We grieve for rights that were gained and in moments lost. We ache for those in hiding, for those being tortured, for those being sought and even killed. Unimaginable without real images that then get engraved in our minds.

We have been in prayer over the COVID pandemic. We’ve experienced its hold. We’ve experienced the fear that has formed like a dark cloud that won’t go away. We’ve known lives that have been deeply effected and even lost. We’ve held our breath over diagnosis. We’ve grieved too.

There are so many other examples we could give. There’s suffering around the world.

We even see it in ministry. Because of the nature of those we serve, we see the effects of trauma every single day. Acting out, anger, difficulty in relationships, bed wetting, dreams, isolating . . . trauma grabs the way the brain functions and distorts our way of perceiving the world around us. The children and families we serve have learned to not trust, not talk, not feel.

But we believe that those chains must be loosened and broken. When we begin to see ourselves isolating, not being able to express ourselves, living in fear rather than trust, we are not living with hearts and souls that are whole. Our ministry is about relationships. Building trust, talking and allowing ourselves to feel . . .

So during these hard times, when we want to isolate, quiet our feelings and thoughts, let’s first go to God. Jesus paid the price so that we may go directly into His throne room. He tore the veil that separated us from God. He is listening even when we don’t feel it or see it. He is in charge and will one day set everything right. And secondly, let’s gather together in community — with a friend, with a group of friends, in church, with family. Together we can hold each other up. Numb as we may be, let’s never give up the good fight to shine for Jesus on this earth!

Take a moment to pray and take a moment to reach out to someone.